Insights on Retail

Store Signs and the Internet

Signs are  your “silent salespeople”, and say a lot about your store and brand.  And you need to make a personable impression.

Looking a lot like Christmas

Abundance is the message Christmas decor should communicate; an ample amount of product, and bountiful decor.  Even with a small budget you can still create a great holiday environment; wide, full garlands, well decorated trees, and pre-wrapped product are all things everyone can do. 

Great Pyramids

It doesn’t take a professional visual person to do great window and in store displays.  The reality is anyone can do it. 

One Handed Shopping

Hold a cup of coffee in the other hand, a fountain drink , a child’s hand, a dog’s leash; you get the idea.    But use only one hand to shop. 

Get into the Grid

Fixtures that are too close together, or randomly organized, create a claustrophobic environment. Not only is it unpleasant for the customer, but will also effect sales.

Snap Judgements

The customer is the expert.  They shop everywhere – the Gaps, the Targets, the Macy’s. That’s what we’re compared to.

4 x 6 & 5 x 7 Sign Templates

This can be used in Word or Pages for merchandise sign layout