Seminars & Presentations

Graphic Design Elephant Tom Crossman
Graphic Design Elephant Tom Crossman

Retail Seminars

Merchandising Like the Big Guys
is a survey course of how the and why the major retailers merchandise the way they do.

The Psychology of Shopping
Knowing what customers are thinking when they shop, can increase sales exponentially.

What We Can Learn from Theme Park Retail

This talk gets the creative wheels turning by seeing examples of 20 great themed stores.

One Handed Shopping
Customer psychology is the focus here. Big picture retail concepts are covered, but in a new, insightful, and entertaining way.

3 Simple Rules to Great Displays
This class teaches these rules, and shows that display does not require artistic ability.

Good Design is Good Business
This seminar will demystify  store design and graphic design.

Seminars include sophisticated Power Point presentations and detailed hand outs.